Kids sessions in Ursus

Opublikowano: 9 April 2018

We love kids and photo sessions with children, but we also know that the organization could be sometimes hard for their parents – especially if you have more than one… Children are highly-moving and unpredictable material, so long trips and disruptions of the usual day plan can affect them differently than we would like. That is why we focus on your comfort and discover the unusual charm of our local Czechowicki Park. At the beginning it looks like other parks but the talented eyes of our photographers – Magda and Ola – see it in very magical way. Did you know, for example, that a braided swing made on a special order hangs on one of the trees? Or that if you look well, you can find tiny armchairs in various colors in the grass? Probably for dwarfs, but we are not sure about that ;-)

We invite you for fabulous children’s sessions in the open air. The proximity of our studio will additionally provide you with comfort if you need to hide in the shade, feed or rewind a small model. Write to us and book a session – maybe this weekend?

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