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If you are dreaming about dynamic and professional movie that will reflect fun you had during your wedding and the reception, then you couldn’t have found a better place :-) We are a team of professional wedding photographers and wedding camera operators – we are part of Association of Professional Wedding Photographers. All members of our team also completed liturgical course for Wedding Photographers, that is held by Metropolitan Curia. Let’s get to know each other!
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Wedding movie 2023/2024 First Package Second Package ThirdPackage
12 hours reportage + + +
Movie length  20-30 minutes 30-60 minutes 30-90 minutes
Short wedding music video  + + +
Numbers of operators 1 person 2 people 2 people
Filming with cameras using stabilizers + + +
Audio recording with professional recorder + +
Drone + +
All registered material +
Elegant wrapped pen drive 1 piece 2 pieces 3pieces
The date of movie handover up to 90 days up to 60 days up to 45 days
Cena3900 zł
Cena5400 zł
Cena5900 zł
And maybe something more?
Additional options for First and Second Package
 ofertaslubna_surowka    ofertaslubna_przedluzenie  ofertaslubna_podziekowania ofertaslubna_dron
  all registered material movie extension acknowledgement for parents drone shot
makes even more memories! price per each additional 30 minutes in form of a music video on the day of wedding or on any other day
1000 zł 400 zł 1000 zł 650 zł

  all registered material

makes even more memories!

1000 zł


movie extension

price per each additional 30 minutes

400 zł


acknowledgement for parents

in form of a music video

1000 zł


drone shot

on the day of wedding or on any other day

650 zł


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