Magda i Konrad

The wedding day is a very special moment in our life. However, if we could repeat this day, there is one thing I know for sure: I would keep the same wife ;)… what is more: I would not change the photographer! Thank you very much for your professionalism and smile. Your work captured our happiness forever.



Ewelina i Bartek

Your positive attitude and sense of humor helped us to relax at the very beginning. Great cooperation between you guys, interesting ideas, fun and professionalism at the same time. Warm greetings!


Sylwia i Jarek

We were looking in Kraków, Piaseczno, Lublin and Bialystok and finally only two streets away from our place we found fabulous photographer with a great team ☺ Fantastic approach to the client, who told us what to do on our wedding day, like a good fairy. This day was very important for us and now we get to share it with our family and friend at all times. Thank you for the wonderful moments you captured for us.


Agnieszka i Krystian

I definitely recommend because it was worth trusting you guys. From the very first meeting, through wedding preparations, wedding ceremony, reception all the way to outdoor session and even further. You knew exactly how to act, what were our needs and how to put everyone at ease and last but not least – how to make perfect photos and wedding movie. Thank you so much!!!


Agata i Artur

Apart from being masters in their field, cooperation with them is magnificent. Nice, friendly atmosphere with no rigid rules, if you want you can talk to them about anything. Their price is adjusted to the market prices, they are professionals on the wedding and in the church, they do not catch too much attention (like ninja). Outdoor session should be taught by them to other photographers. They are just doing the job. Everything on 5!



Ewa i Tomek

Foto Ursus fitted ideally to our dream team of people involved in our wedding preparations. Not only did they performed their work fantastically, they also did it with smile on their faces and accepted every whim of our guest when it comes to shots, being very discreet. The guest did not hide their admiration (for emcee) and for the photographers (who could have told which one is taking pictures and who is filming?), they did their job without hindering fun and were particularly unnoticed. They were taking pictures and we could take care of preparations and fun. The result of this cooperation are beautiful pictures and wonderful movie. The movie is being constantly replayed by our godchild, we are in love with perfectly edited clip. What is worth mentioning is the fact that fotoursus with the speed and patience of the best doorkeeper opened the door letting in parents, godparents and friends. And afterwards we received pictures for the bride’s documents for free ;) Thank you!